Oly Energy Solutions is the new division of the LARA Group and provides integrated services, business consulting and management for the energy sector.

We develop and commercially operate renewable energy projects for our clients, offering:

Project development

Project development services from the greenfield site to the final project stage of “Ready-to-Build” by highly skilled and experienced employees.


Supervision of plant operation using modern monitoring software as well as maintenance, technical and commercial services by our own personnel and decentralized service partners.

Commercial Operation

Commercial Operation of the renewable energy production plant: production forecast, selling energy on OPCOM, finding suppliers, negotiation of contractual obligations, invoicing & billing, reporting to the authorities, management of Green Certificates.


Construction of turnkey plants as EPC Contractor including the procurement of all components, by our expert project managers and globally operating installation partners

Obtaining non-Reimbursable grants

Obtaining non-Reimbursable grants from EU and national grant schemes. Our field of expertise includes: grant writing, project management, organizing and managing calls for tenders, budget optimization, financial auditing, strategic management and new business development consulting.

strong expertise and capabilities

Our group has strong expertise and capabilities in providing services for the Romanian renewable energy sector, proven by over a decade of activating on the market and the sizeable list of our clients.
We are committed to provide services to local or international companies willing to enter or increase their portfolio in the renewable energy sector of Romania.


Enexus has been operating as an international project developer, general contractor, service provider and self-operator in the field of large photovoltaic systems. We can now look back on many years of experience and successful projects in numerous countries around the world.

Our expertise covers large sections of the renewable energy sector, including:


Financing: Due Diligence, Financial Structuring, Construction & Bridge Financing, Project Finance.

Independent Power Produce

Independent Power Producer: PV park ownership, IPP & Asset Management

EPC Contracting

EPC Contracting: Energy Yield Assessments, Economic optimization, Procurement, Construction, Management, Grid Connection, Turnkey Handover.

Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance: Ensuring Availability & Yield, Troubleshooting, Monitoring & Reporting Maintenance.

Project development

Project Development: Property Rights, Wayleaves, Feasibility Study, Grid connection service, Systems Engineering & Design, Environmental Statement, Planning Application, Approval Processes

Our Solar Solutions involve

Solar power station

The achieved results speak for themselves and we are proud to have provided:


In the solar energy sector, where we have been serving since 2014, we produce the most effective designs and projects by determining the limits of engineering and designs that meet the needs of our partners around the world, taking into account National and International Standards and Regulations.

We have become one of the indispensable companies in the sector in a short time by minimizing the costs in solar power plants with the experience and knowledge given to us by our projects expressed in thousands of MW.

In all large-scale and small-scale projects we have worked on to date, consultancy services have been provided free of charge from the beginning to the end of the project, full customer satisfaction has been achieved and our projects are still continuing.


SolarToday is the solar distributor for EU and beyond. We started in 2011 in The Netherlands and we have grown to an international distributor of photovoltaic material for installers in over 25 countries.

Our greatest satisfaction is to meet energy needs with innovation and the dynamic development of more efficient and high-quality devices, always offering maximum added value.

We offer installers very competitive prices on the products of the top-level brands that we distribute. Our dedicated team of professionals is happy to help you with advise about what products are the best, smartest or cheapest to order for your project(s). Our focus is on distribution and warehouse management, so you can focus on installing the best solar products for your clients.


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