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"Go Together, Grow Faster" is an event focusing on fostering business relations in green energy between Romania and Türkiye.

The European Union faces a challenging decade since its establishment. The recent “polycrisis” environment, including health, economic, societal, and military factors, leads to a deep global energy crisis, endangering member states’ stability and competitiveness.

However, European energy security holds promising prospects. Multi-country efforts, enhanced connections, diversified supply, shifting power dynamics, new energy tech, and skill development are reshaping energy markets. This event unites Romania’s green energy investment opportunities and Turkish investors’ interest, aiming for green energy capacity development.

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This event brings together the investment opportunities that Romania offers in the field of Green Energy and the appetite of Turkish investors in the development and operation of green energy production capacities

Romania provides an attractive business environment that can offer high return on the investments and clear advantages:

market potential

In terms of market potential, Romania is the second largest country in Central and South-Eastern Europe and the first in Eastern Europe, with a significant consumer market, ranked 8th largest and 6th in population in the EU-27, with approx. 19 million inhabitants.

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acces to a large market

Romania offers access to one of the largest single markets in the world, with a significant growth potential. Entrepreneurs who choose Romania for the development of investment projects can benefit from all the advantages arising from the status of an European investor.

For the development of medium and long-term projects, investors are looking for a favorable and stable business climate, as well as competitive profit margins, which is why Romania is an optimum choice for them.

The Republic of Türkiye's Centuries of Influence, Conquests, and Strong Leadership

The Republic of Türkiye is one of the richest countries in terms of culture and history, having crossed over centuries of geopolitical influence, territorial conquests, changes of territory and strong leadership. It is therefore natural that the economy of today’s Türkiye is one of the strongest in the world, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately $905 billion in 2022, ranking as the 19th largest economy in the world.

The maturity of Türkiysh businessmen is historically renowned worldwide and considering that their mentality is supported by the national business environment, the banking system and the insurance system, it gives them the leverage to enter other international markets, with Romania being one of the most attractive for them.

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